When you feel blank Then you send a blank email…

When you feel blank

Today, as usual, I had woken up in high spirits and ready to serve you hot. Lol, it’s usually all shades of joy, love and fun talking with you on Fridays and of course, hearing from you in the replies, the hugs in my DM on Whatsapp and then, the comment section. – nostalgia.

But today, unlike other days, as I set out to write this to you. I felt – stuck – blank. This shouldn’t be as I already had a topic in mind to write about – I just couldn’t bring myself to writing about it.

Have you ever felt this way?

You make plans, but then, the day of execution comes and you feel stuck, blank and confused. You feel like running away and getting out of your head.

If you ever feel this way at any point in time, here are a few tips to help you.

1. Embrace the vulnerability

I think vulnerability is one of the most underrated traits anyone can exhibit. People relate vulnerability with weakness but in fact, embracing or showing off your vulnerability is strength in a party outfit.

Embracing your vulnerability simply means going with the flow, getting in your feelings and simply following your heart.

2. Show up strong

At times, regardless of how you feel, you just need to show up strong because feelings can be deceiving. Your mind chickens out because it’s probably a new project or something you feel you’ll fail at. Listening to the lies your mind feeds you at those times may rub you of the opportunity that lies ahead. So, you’ve got to show up strong and kill it.

3. Show up Vulnerably

I once attended an event and the lady compere came up the stage and said something I don’t think I’ve heard anyone handling a mic say before. She announced it was the first time she’ll ever speak to a crowd this large so she’s pretty scared and in case she flops, she’s sorry in advance. And trust me, the atmosphere afterwards became friendly and acceptable.

If you know you really have to show up, then instead of pretending to be strong when you’re not, you can simply embrace vulnerability while showing up.

I hope you’ll be able to fight the angels within next time you feel stuck or blank, unwilling to show up.

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