Molding new futures


Forage is a long search for something. The keyword yesterday had to be attached to forage.

Here’s a rhetoric, do you think a look into the past could have any impact on the future?

We often hear people say to never look into the past, that the past is gone. I would say that is partially correct, because the past is the one that has happened, the reality we have gone through, the one we have felt and lived through. While it is unhealthy to always look into to the past to make future decisions, the past has its part to play.

Our mistakes can only be made in the past, we are unsure of the future, we only have today to decide that.

While forage into the past can therapeutic and eye opening, one should always remember that it is only to be learned from and never to be dwelled on.

Past mistakes are what they are – past mistakes. The outcome of tomorrow is only dependent on your next line of action, not what has already happened.

I heard a saying – everyone is so freaked out with the thought of going to the future and changing something so it doesn’t rupture the timeline, but only a few actually realizes that what they do now is what makes up said future in the first place.

Yesterday only has a few thing to offer: memories and lessons, but come tomorrow, we’ll mould that by ourselves.

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