Expectations and realities


I had this verse in the Bible pummeled into my head since I was a child – ‘now faith is the evidence of things not seen’ and then the rest of the Hebrews 11 and how everyone in that verse pleased God through faith.

The verse stuck for sure, but the realities around me didn’t let that lifestyle rub off on me. Starting from the same mum that taught me that verse leaving me to cry when she asks me to go get my shoes. That’s probably the last time in my life I had complete faith in a person.

Over time the experiences around me clearly told that this faith thing isn’t for the faint hearted people, but I had no problem with it. If getting disappointed is the result of being a faithful person, I’d rather not be one.

Having faith is basically having expectations based on little or no evidence and that’s not gonna sit with my hard learned philosophy that expectations bring disappointments. I’d rather not have that faith and if whatever wanna come comes, rather than have it and have my hopes further shattered.

Of course I always leave out the benefit of the doubt even for the best of the best, so blind faith doesn’t leave me broken and stuff. It really is not a good feeling, and I’d rather not feel bad because of someone else’s decision to not live up to the faith I put in them.

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