The Ultimate Truth About Life And Living


A human reminder.

On level ground, we are all humans.

We were before we became what our environment, our culture, and our religion shaped us into.

What makes us special is our uniqueness; What makes us blessed is our luck; What makes us different are the experiences and defining characteristics of our upbringing.

So here is a reminder, some take-home facts to keep us in check.

The world is bigger than your nationality

Don’t judge others by the status quo of your immediate environment. In a world of 7.5 billion people distributed into 8 continents and 195 countries, you are one person and can only be in one place at a time.

Your voice remains yours

No one is going to steal your voice from you, so don’t be in a hurry to project your thoughts and blare your opinions.

You will still get your turn to speak, but in the meantime, listen.

The action makes the beast

We have insecurities; it is human nature. However, keep your insecurities in check and don’t project it on others.

If you do, then those actions would morph you into a beast.

Nothing matters in the end

It feels great to prove a point, but at what cost?

The feelings of triumph would only last for minutes, but the reaction from the receiving end could last a lifetime. Rather than inflict hurt, be a little kind.

Your awards won’t matter for long and your achievements will be a grain of sand on the beach.

All that anger and ego isn’t worth it. Because of fate or faith, we will die.

We are after all elements of nature playing our parts to the tunes of life.

Every one of us, replaceable.

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