How Not To Live Your Best Life


Best if you mark every item on the list

The caption Living my best life was made popular by the 2018 songs: Best Life by Cardi B, and Smile by Lil Duval. And is still running wild in 2020.

It is almost tiring to scroll through endless images of picture-perfect millennials living their best lives.

They don’t tell us the secret, but somewhere in the recess of our minds, reason screams that we shouldn’t trust filter-aided perfection. So here is a guide, told in reverse, to strengthen that voice of reasoning.

Eight ways not to live your best life:

1. Make no plans for the future

Always live in the moment and don’t stress your brain thinking two or three years into the future. You will not be younger forever, you might as well live wild and free.

2. Kill off every relationship you have

If people can’t accept you for who your zodiac sign says you are, then you are better off without them. If people want to be around you, they should sacrifice their sanity to put up with your worst but justifiable behaviors. I mean, if the solar system can acknowledge and assign human characteristics to you, what are humans not to get along with your innate appeals and assigned traits?

3. Wait for the perfect timing

The right things will come to you at the right time. So rather than stress yourself for things beyond your control. Relax, and wait for your dreams to fall on your laps at the most convenient timing.

4. Spend a lot of time on social media

Follow people whose life you crave and watch every content they upload on social media. While doing so, wish deeply that you would have their life.

5. Give excuses and always place the blame on others

You didn’t ask your parents to give birth to you, so really, being in whatever situation you find yourself is not your fault. Failing is also not your fault, if the Universe wanted you to succeed at something, it would happen with the barest effort on your part. Most successful people are talented, if you were destined to have such huge success, you would have been born talented.

6. Stop trying to improve yourself

Be content with what you have, and never try to make it better. In this life, there will always be people better than you, but as long as you can point out two people you are better than, then you are good to go. There is no need to bother yourself about learning boring things; You have only one life to live, and you should only dedicate time to doing what gives you pleasure.

7. Be impulsive

Damn common sense. Do whatever comes to your head at the first thought of it, and never wait to process the repercussions. Spend all your money on the first thing that catches your fancy, tomorrow would take care of itself.

8. Never search for your purpose in life

Do not give yourself an unnecessary headache by trying to figure out how you can contribute to the world. Enjoy the wonderful things talented people have created to make life easier, and don’t think about things that you can’t see or touch.

Do the opposite and you are well on your way to living a happier and more fulfilling life.

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