The red queen’s race


It took a while, but I finally stumbled on the song Legacy from Jigga’s 13th studio album. It’s a short rap song that explains a few things, good music. What caught my attention however was when he mentioned ‘The red queen’s race’.

Of course I couldn’t let it go, the message it passes slaps too hard to let it go like every other song. I did some searching on what it meant, and apparently – The Red Queen’s race is an incident that appears in Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking-Glass and involves both the Red Queen, a representation of a Queen in chess, and Alice constantly running but remaining in the same spot.

When I finally got the real concept behind it, it hit harder than it did initially. What if… just what if? What if I’ve been running the red queen’s race. Eiiiii God.

It really is a scary thing to expend so much energy and time into something or someone and you are on the same spot. It gives one the chills. It sends a feeling of uselessness at times, so why bother if I’m gonna end on the same spot.

The way the universe works is crazy, no one actually gets out alive. All you have to do is to keep up the pace. KEEP UP THE PACE.

Someone said, funny how day by day it feels like nothing changes, but when you look back nothing is the same. It might feel like there is no movement until you look back a year and you realize you are not on the same spot you were. You just have to make sure you’re keeping up that pace.

Once the heart monitor stops beeping that is it, that is the end of the red queen’s race – Life.

It’s something of a gift and a curse, you hate something, but still kinda need it to actually grow in life, to stay relevant. Time does not stop so it only makes sense to keep up the pace.

Sometimes life hits us way too fast and you would think the race is over but nah, Keep up the pace. Your sneakers would wear out and you think that is the end? Keep up the f pace. Even if the whole track shakes up, we keep the pace up.

Red queen’s race or not, we move.

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