Gunpowder and Knockouts


In the olden days, when the gunpowder was just found, it was deemed extremely dangerous and an instrument of pure destruction. Then, guns were invented, of course they were also weapons of destruction. Then came the knockouts, or as we would refer to them ‘banger’.

I saw a scene from pirates of the carribean – at world’s end, the crew had just come back from Davy Jones’ locker, and as usual they were at logger heads and wanted to shoot each other, until Jack pulled the trigger and nothing happened. Apparently the gunpowder in their pistols was wet, hence the guns became more or less useless.

There we have it, wet gunpowder is useless in a gun.

The best thing a man can take into battle is a reason why. Whatever you wanna do, do well to have a good reason why you’re doing it.

What motivates you to do things? Just like wet powder in a pistol, going into anything without a reason or the wrong reasons is just as useless.

Because when you hit a brick, and the motivation to do that thing dies, the only thing that can keep you going is the same reason you went into it in the first place.

I believe that with a good reason, you can do anything you wanna do.

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