THE AFTER-AFTER PARTY BUYER How To Tap Into The Hidden Gold Of Buyers In Your Business


I saw a movie a while back…

It was essentially about a young talent manager trying to get a meeting with a record label exec to sign his first artist.

After missing the record label boss at an exclusive after-party, the talent manager now frustrated was venting his frustration to one of the ladies that accompanied him to the after-party, and then she asked him…

‘’Have you tried looking for him in VIP?’’

To which he replies with shock:

‘’There’s an After-After party?’’

Then she dropped one of those lines that will make you stop and hit rewind for the 12th time… She said:

‘’No matter how exclusive the party is, there’s always going to be another place more exclusive’’

You may want to reread that last line a few times.

This is true with VIPs in every party, as it is true with customers in every business.

No matter what product or service you’re selling, no matter how expensive it is, there’s always a market inside your customer (or market) base that is willing to spend a lot more to get more.

This became increasingly clearer to me a few years ago when I was selling low priced digital products…

I had customers buying products and programs more expensive than what my regular customers were buying…

10 times more expensive…

40 times more expensive…

Even 250 times more expensive…

All within the same business, striving for similar outcomes…

It is a colossal mistake to not take note of this in your business, to not treat these set of customers differently, and to not create more offers and value items that appeal just to them.

…Because when done well, they bring in the bulk of the revenue in your business.

I call these kinds of buyers your ‘’Slam dunk Customers’’

Or now;

‘’The After-After Party Customers’’

Your slam dunk clients are clients that totally believe in you, your company, and your products…

They buy virtually every new product or service you offer or recommend. They buy any decent thing you put in front of them within reason.

They buy frequently, and they buy in larger volumes.

They refer their friends, family, and colleagues to your business.

Ever heard of the 80/20 rule?

These are your 20%.

4 Ways To Make The Big Money From Your After-After


Let me show you four ways to leverage on this to start making a lot more fungalos ($$$$) in your business.

1. Create more things for Your After-After Party Customers to buy

Most people only think income in their business, not equity…

If you have only income in your business, you don’t have a business.

Income is money in the bank today; equity is ’’money in the bank today, plus potential money in the bank in the next 12 – 36 months’’

For most businesses, your customer base, specifically your ‘’after-after party customer base’’ is your real asset in your business.

These are the guys that will feed your children, and pay for your vacations if you give them an

opportunity to…

And you do that by essentially giving them more things to buy.

Most entrepreneurs do not realize that it is 10 times easier to sell to an existing customer or client, than to go out and get a new one.

Upon reading this, many people will say yes and nod… But will go out and do the exact opposite thing.

Almost everyone is largely focused on the new customer, rather than multiple products to the ones that have demonstrated that they have the capacity to buy…

…And to buy like porcupines in heat.

“The most profitable part of any business is what happens after the first sale”

You may want to reread that line

And this is important because, if you don’t give them more stuff to buy, they’ll go buy it from someone else…

And you would have sacrificed what could be easy fungalos.

By now you know that I mean a pile of cash when I say fungalos, right?

And not just that, you not only jeopardize current and future profits, but you run the risk of losing your est customers.

Because if you don’t give them something more exclusive, more after-after party, you may lose them to another business who’s willing to offer them that.

Your job is to provide enough value as they want it, so they don’t wander off to someone else.

Here’s another reason why this is important :

‘’The more money they spend with you and the higher they go in your value ladder, their commitment to the entire process goes up’’

Someone who spends $10,000 with you is likely to be more committed, to comply, and more likely to refer you, than someone who only spent $100.

So in order to do your job right, you need to have multiple products, but even better; you need to have premium offers for these categories of buyers.

For many, it will be easier to provide multiple services or products to the same customer, than to get many more customers for a single service.

So here’s the big point…

‘’The money is not in what you sell, but in ‘WHAT ELSE’ you sell to the same customer’’

2. Treat Them like After-After Party Customers

Some people may actually have a problem with this point…

But I’ve got to tell you the truth… So, here goes:

All customers are not created equal.

And it would be foolishness to treat all of your customers the same way.

In the marketplace, everyone is not equally as valuable.

We all may be equally valuable human beings, however, as it relates to the survival and success of your business…

All customers are not to be treated equally.

Even Jesus didn’t treat all his followers equally.

There was the crowd, the 70, the 12, the 3, and the 1.

All our customers deserve our respect, our empathy, our support. And we should strive to give them that.

All customers are special. However, some customers are more special than others.

And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that… That’s how life works.

Every relationship in your life does not get the same level of attention and treatment.

Every activity in your life does not get the same level of attention.

Why would you think that every customer in your business should get the same level of attention and treatment?

It’s in our value that our relationships are differentiated.

But most entrepreneurs and businesses don’t realize this, and even when they do, they do it shabbily.

Treating all your customers equally is the kiss of death of huge segments of profit in your business.

Create a VIP experience, and invite the people who want to play at a higher level to step up.

Be certain to take care of them. Nurture them. Make their problems go away first, and go away fast.

Sometimes they can be worth 100 times what an average buyer is worth to you.

I had a conversation with an entrepreneur in February, who told me that in 2019, 80% of their business came from one client.

That client is their After-After-After party client.

If that customer so much as sneeze, they need to be there on time with a blanket, and a cup of coffee while the doctor carries out the examination.

And they need to focus on attracting more clients like that slam dunk client.

In 2019, I created a report and audio on how to attract more clients like your best clients. If you already have after-after party clients in your business that you’d like to clone, then you’ll love the report and audio… Click here to check it out.

3. Don’t use a ‘’One Size Fits All’’ communication strategy for all your customer or client base.

One of the biggest mistakes to making more fungalos from your slam dunk customers is using an immature marketing message.

In other words, using a marketing message that is for your general customer base.

If you insist on using a one size fits all marketing message to talk to both your general customers, your VIP customers and V-VIP Customers, do not be disappointed when your marketing efforts don’t produce a grey return.

Find a way to PERFECTLY MATCH what you offer to your after-after customers.

Get to know this exclusive segment, and learn how to talk to them.

4. (As much as possible) Switch From ‘’Transactional’’ to ‘’Relationship’’

Here’s how I would describe a Transactional flow…

You sell them something… You sell them another thing; you then sell them another thing and another thing…

Here’s how I would describe a Relationship flow…

You sell them something… Then you make them a member of something, where they are (and feel like) a part of something, and keep paying you for it…

Plus keep buying all the other ‘’somethings’’ that you put in front of them.

… All these, while adding extreme value to them, and making their lives a whole lot better for being in a relationship with you

If you can make them a ‘’Member of something’’ their commitment to the whole process will increase.

They’ll spend more money with you.

They’ll try to get some of their exclusive friends to be members also.

They’ll pay more attention than the non-member

Think about it, virtually everywhere that you’re a ‘’ member’’ of something, your commitment to

whatever is going on there increases, than if you were not a member.

It’s why religion has been powerful and has lasted centuries… Because they don’t just project ideas, but build membership and communities that people are willing to die for.

So cultivate these categories of buyers in your business, they are hyper-responsive to your offers.

Make sure that more of your resources are spent towards talking with them and serving them…

Don’t be cheap with this group of your customers. They can create some level of financial security in any business.

What you’ve just read can totally transform your business… No kidding!!!

Here’s what I’ll request you do:

Spend a few minutes to think about what you just learned.

And write at least one thing you’ll start doing differently as a result. And an action you’ll take

immediately. Give it a deadline.

To Increased Impact and Wealth!

—Zubi O Peters

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