Before you know it, 24 hours is up and even the year is close to winding up, and it feels like you’ve not made much progress with the goals you had set at the beginning of the year for both your personal life and your business. 

In all sincerity, “Doing More” can sometimes be tough, especially with the many distractions that surround our daily activities. Well, the good news is, technology, particularly with some mobile applications have been built to enhance productivity at your business, within the family, and with your personal life, so that you not only get more done without breaking a sweat, but they put you at a greater advantage to doing more productively.

In this article, we take a look at 8 of such mobile applications because practically, we’ve had fun and made awesome progress using them here at WildFire and it wouldn’t be fair if we don’t share.  

An Overview of the Mobile Apps

These mobile apps take a different approach to enhancing your productivity, some that get you more organized, some that effectively improve your communication, some that help you manage your time well, and there’s one that improves your habits.


“Trello lets you work more collaboratively and get more done”

Trello is a project management application built to make it easy for you to keep track of the progress of your work, this way you get to easily add new tasks, know the on-going ones, and the ones that are completed. It also works as a to-do list

Why You’ll Enjoy Using Trello

It Has User-Friendly Features

Even if you’re not familiar with any task management or collaboration applications, you can easily find your way around Trello within minutes as it has features that are visually appealing which helps with easy navigation 

It Helps With Clear Communication

You’ll agree that when there’s no clear communication, the progress of productivity gets slowed. With Trello, you can spot when a team member is swamped with tasks and reassign some of the tasks to other members that have completed theirs.

An “issue card” can be created when any team member encounters a problem while working on projects.

Most successful businesses have Trello to thank for helping them communicate clearly while working on projects

It Gives Real-Time Updates

Regardless of your business location, every team member gets notified immediately.

You Can Automate Long Processes

With a feature called “Butler”, you can automate repetitive and long processes on Trello Boards to get a process that might take about ten steps or more to complete automated with a single click.

It Has a Cloud-Based Platform

This allows you to upload documents directly to each task, keeping everything neatly organized

Not Restricted to Business

If you want to manage a family to-do list, Trello is one of the best apps to use because, with it, you can put all the chores on a list, you can assign members of the family to the chores (or they can pick for themselves). This way you get to know who’s doing what, when they start doing it, and when they get them done. This is an effective way to keep every member of the family more productive 


Evernote is an application that helps you to take notes in an organized way using digital notebooks. Imagine how much more productive you can be when you don’t have to lose another note containing vital information or how organized your desk will be when you have all your notes stored in a single digital storehouse.

Why You Will Enjoy Using Evernote

You can create your notes in different formats

With Evernote, you can create your notes using images, PDFs, and even voice recordings. What’s more awesome is you can tag these notes into your preferred category 

Evernote Has Some Amazing Features

Evernote has features like “Web Clipper” that allows you save articles and web links you want to read at your leisure, the “Optical Character Recognition Technology”  that enables you to scan text in a photo

It can even help transcribe your audio files into text.

With Evernotes’ simple “Drag-and-Drop” feature, you can attach photos, videos, mp3 files, spreadsheets, and a whole lot more to your notes.

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