10 SEO Tools to Boost Your Website’s Ranking


How would you like for your website to rank on the first or second page of search engine results when your target audience search for the service or product you offer? Well, this is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes into play.

With a large percentage of digital marketers now relying on SEO for lead generation and their organic presence, SEO is now a subject we can’t ignore. Getting the hang of SEO can be difficult, especially if you’re just starting out, but life can be easier when you have the right tools, this is why many people ask this question: “What are the best SEO tools?”

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of 10 of our favorite SEO tools that can help boost your website’s ranking, along with some of the best features you will enjoy using them.

Before we dive right into these tools and their awesome features, we just want to let you know that competition analysis is perfectly healthy and useful when it comes to search engine optimization, it serves as a guide that points you towards making better SEO decisions. 

That being said, let’s begin!  

The SEO tools a glance

  1. SEMrush
  2. Ahrefs
  3. Moz Pro
  4. Majestic
  5. WooRank
  6. SpyFu
  7. Answer The Public
  8. Screaming Frog 
  9. Google Search Console
  10. Google Analytics
  1. SEMrush

SEMrush is an all-in-one SEO tool with amazing features that will help you in creating high-quality content, some of these features include:

Organic Research– this is one of SEMrush’s prominent features that enables you to see the top keywords your competitors are making use of in attracting visitors to their websites and to of course rank well in Google and other search engines.

This keyword research tool also helps you find top-performing keywords for all your SEO campaigns.

Along with being an excellent keyword research tool, SEMrush also comes with a…

Site Audit Feature– this makes it easy to conduct a comprehensive SEO audit on your site, enabling you to locate and fix on-site issues, which in turn improves your website’s performance.

Still on improving your website’s performance, there’s another feature we are sure you’ll love, and we call it the…

Domain VS Domain Feature- Picture an automated board or screen that provides you with vital information when you perform a side-by-side domain comparison (yours and your competitor’s) on it, that’s exactly how this particular feature works on SEMrush.

 With the information provided, you get to understand the effective strategies your competitors implement to rank high, and you of course improve on them to boost your website’s rank.

There’s also another feature called…

Content Analyzer- this feature measures the quality of the contents on your website and helps you identify areas that need to be improved

 SEMrush also helps you find link building opportunities, you probably are familiar with what link building is, but just in case – it’s an actioned aimed at increasing the number and quality of backlinks to your webpage, see backlinks as “thumbs up” for your websites trustworthiness, and the more quality sites link back to your website the better your chance at ranking in search engines.

How Much Does SEMrush Cost?

SEMrush currently has three standard pricing plans

  • Pro- $99.95 per month
  • Guru- $199.95 per month
  • Business- $399.95 per month

The next SEO tool as effective as SEMrush is…

  1.  AHREFS

Ahrefs is one of the fastest SEO with a smooth user interface. It comes with a super-fast and state-of-the-art web crawler (ranking just behind Google’s) which makes it so easy for you to get tons of valuable data for competition analysis that helps you make better SEO decisions to boost your ranking. It comes with features and tools like,

Keyword Explorer– this is perhaps the only keyword research tool on the market that goes beyond search volume to show the estimated number of clicks on search results

Why is this helpful?

You see, there are many keywords people input into search bars of search engines but only a few of those keywords get clicked on. With Ahrefs’ keyword explorer, you get to see the estimated number of clicks for keywords- a data that helps you know whether or not a keyword is worth targeting. 

Also, when you check up a keyword using Ahrefs’ keyword explorer, it provides you with a “Parent Topic”. Now, a Parent Topic is a broader keyword or keyword phrase related to your intended keyword but with a higher search volume and ranking potential.

Not only do you get all these with the keyword explorer but also, when searching for keywords, you get a list of keywords that the top ten results on various search engines rank for.

Next is,

Content Gap Tool- You’re probably familiar with Content Gap Analysis- it’s basically when you look up keywords your competitors rank for, but you don’t

Ahrefs content gap tool takes Content Gap Analysis up a notch by not just limiting it to keywords but you also get to do it on a page level

Why is this helpful?

Some content on your website might not rank well because Google doesn’t think it covers the topic it’s centered on in enough depth.

One way to find out is when you do a content gap analysis at a page level using Ahrefs, this will help you discover topics that you forgot to include in that content

Ahrefs also comes with a…

Site Audit- this feature highlights what parts of your website needs improvements to help boost your ranking

Also, you get to stay on top your website’s SEO by asking Ahrefs to send you an email when you or a competing site gets a new backlink or start to rank for a new keyword with its alert feature

Ahrefs also comes with a comprehensive dashboard that makes it easy for you to keep track of all your projects.

How Much Does Ahrefs Cost?

Ahrefs has four pricing plans

  • Lite Plan- $99 per month
  • Standard- $179 per month
  • Advanced- $999 per month
  1.  Moz Pro

Moz Pro is a collection of SEO tools built to boost your website ranking and search engines’ visibility by providing you with tons of useful and industry-standard metrics.

Its tool and feature collection includes:

Keyword Explorer- Now this is one of Moz Pro’s overall best feature because it makes your SEO analysis a lot simpler and more effective as it makes use of real user data to gather a more accurate monthly search volume numbers for keywords than most keyword tools.

Also, it shows you a keyword’s difficulty score to let you know how challenging it might be for your webpage to rank for that particular keyword.

The keyword explorer is also awesome at generating keyword ideas. For example, if you input a particular keyword in the search bar, it gives you a variety of other keywords, relevant and related to the keyword you input plus which you can also rank for (this time, with less competition).

What’s more, is that with Moz Pro’s keyword explorer, you get to explore your competitor’s website to see what keywords they rank for.

Next tool is the, 

Link Explorer- with this, you get to build a better link campaign for your website.

Here’s how it works,

It gives you a report on your site’s link by showing you the score of your Domain Authority which illustrates the number of quality links you have pointing to your entire website- a score you can use in benchmarking your site’s backlinks against your competitor’s.

The link explorer also comes with a feature called “Top Pages” that points out a site’s Page Authority by showing you pages on a website with the most link authority, this lets you know the backlinks your competitors rank for.

It comes with another feature called “Link Intersect”- this helps you find better link building opportunities as it displays the sites that link to your competitors but not you- this is super helpful in knowing the valuable backlinks to target for a better ranking on search engines.

There’s also the, 

Site Crawl- Moz Pro comes with a site crawl that has a sleek user interface and it audits your webpages to find any issues, putting them into categories such as “Critical” and “Warnings” to help you quickly detect and fix the issues affecting your website.

What’s more, is that the site crawl also reports on content issues to let you know if you’ve got any duplicate, thin or slow loading contents on your website.

And there’s the…

Rank Tracker- Moz’s rank tracker is an amazing tracking tool that tracks the organic rank and performance of thousands of keywords over 100 plus search engines to give you many profitable keywords.

How Much Does Moz Pro Cost?

Moz Pro has four pricing plans

  • Standard Plan- $99 per month or $950 per year ($79 monthly)
  • Medium Plan- $179 per month or $1,719 per year ($143 monthly)
  • Large Plan- $249 per month or $2,390 per year ($99.90 monthly)
  • Premium Plan- $599 per month or $5,750 per year ($479 monthly)
  1. Majestic

There’s a tendency for you to do one thing well when you channel your energy towards it- it’s on this principle Majestic works.

It is a SEO tool that basically does one thing and does it really well – Backlink Analysis!

Majestic has a huge amount of backlink data, which makes it a solid tool for link building. Remember when we talked about how link building helps you boost your search engine ranking? Well, you’re in good hands with Majestic.

 It comes with a…

Site Explorer- that gives a detailed profile of a website’s links, showing the most important metrics such as, the Citation Flow (a score of 1 to 100 that determines a website’s influence based on how many quality links it has), the Trust Flow (a measure of a link’s credibility), there’s also the Topical Trust Flow, and a lot more other important metrics.

Compare Domains- that allows a view of close to 5 different websites side-by-side, which is great for competition analysis. In this tool is a feature called “Clique Hunter” that helps you discover sites backlinking to more than one of the websites you’re analyzing, this information is vital to your link building strategy.

Context Report- that gives you a deep break down of each link in a website’s profile letting you know whether or not a link is old/new, whether or not you should follow a link, and a lot more relevant information

Pages Report- that helps you quickly spot the pages on a website with the most backlinks

Browser Extensions- Majestic’s Chrome and Firefox plugins are one of the easiest ways to get a quick overview of a competitor’s website authority according to backlinks and referring domains.

How Much Does Majestic Cost?

Majestic has three pricing plans

  • Lite- $49.99 per month or $499.99 per year ($41.67 monthly)
  • Pro- $99.99 per month or $999.99 per year ($83.33 monthly)
  • API- $399.99 per month or $3,999.90 per year ($333.33 monthly)
  1. WooRank

WooRank is another excellent SEO tool that gives you an automatic and comprehensive website review, helping out with your SEO strategies by providing you with tons of valuable data to boost traffic, generate more leads, and have an increased sale.

One of its interesting features is that it not only spots the issues affecting your website, but it also gives you insights and tips on how to fix them, making it easy for you to improve your site’s usability and performance for a better ranking. It is a wonderful tool for Digital Marketers, SEO experts, and Web Agencies.

WooRank’s Keyword Tool- this helps you track keywords relevant to your niche and also discover new keyword opportunities even for contents you’ve already posted. It shows how you rank for specific keywords against your competitors.

WooRank’s keyword tool works fine to keep all your keywords organized for easy access plus it helps you localize your keyword tracking (if you only aim to target your content to customers within your vicinity)

WooRank’s SEO Monitoring- this feature keeps you on top of your keywords performance, website traffic, and the overall functionality of your website by monitoring every activity related to them, it alerts you immediately any issue is discovered via your email. 

It also works to get you valuable metrics at all times.

WooRank’s Site Crawl- Since it reviews over 75 000 websites monthly, the data it stores makes it easy for it to help you do the following: 

  • Discover and fix site errors affecting your ranking
  • Track security issues
  • Identify and eliminate any duplicate content issues on your site.

WooRank’s Sales Tools- WooRank comes with a unique lead generation tool that can help you capture new leads and maximize your conversion rate, its sales tools also include white-label reports, custom PDF report templates, and many more useful sales tools.

WooRank’s Backlink Analysis- This provides you with insight to know how effective your link building campaign is by helping you know the number of backlinks you have present and how influential they are (it scores your backlinks).

WooRank’s Usability– WooRank is so easy to use. Picture a colorful and appealing report that gives you a quick and detailed rundown of what you’re doing right or wrong on your website – making it easy for you to visualize your SEO strategies, see your keyword rankings, check all your SEO projects in one place, and get insights on how to optimize your website for a better ranking and user-friendliness.

WooRank’s Extension- This is a free SEO plugin for Chrome and Firefox that runs a detailed analysis for websites without you having to go to WooRank’s website.

How Much Does WooRank Cost?

WooRank has three pricing plans

  • Pro- $65.65 per month or $514.37 per year ($42.87 monthly)
  • Premium- Pro- $196.98 per month or $1,564.99 per year ($130.42 monthly)
  • Enterprise- On-Demand
  1. SpyFu

This is another SEO tool that focuses on one thing – Spying on your competitor

Spyfu helps you perform effortless research on your competitors (this sounds cooler than spying, right?) to give you the most detailed and valuable reports on how to optimize your SEO strategies for a better ranking.

It is as easy to use as simply entering your competitor’s website’s URL into the search bar and voila! You get to use Spyfu’s 13+ of historic data to see what keywords they rank for (both paid and organic), incredible content ideas, successful marketing campaigns, and a whole lot more.

We’ll discuss some of its Spyfu’s amazing features under the following headings. 

To begin with, it has:

 A friendly User Interface (UI) – it comes with a laid-out dashboard and UI that allows you to see the most detailed report of your competition analysis and other information at a glance with clear understanding. It gives most of its reports using charts and graphs.

Next is the…

Paid Per Click (PPC) Analysis- With Spyfu, you see the number of clicks your competitors get for every one of their keywords, it lets you know the keywords they purchase on Google Ads and how well these keywords performed in their Ads – information that puts you at a great advantage to know what keywords to avoid and bid/not bid for. You can also use this feature to track the bidding of keywords you’re interested in.

What’s more, is that you can use PPC data to identify long-tail keywords that work and also see the impressions you generate with your keywords

This leads us to…

Keyword Research- Spyfu helps you find the most profitable keywords used by your competitors. It also helps you generate keywords based on SEO difficulty, search volume and Click-Through-Rates (CTR)

Plus it suggests more effective keywords for keywords you already use on your web pages.

SEO Research- This feature helps you track every website that operates within your niche (top-ranking and the ones emerging) to let you understand their SEO and PPC strategies.

It helps you identify contents, keywords, and reputable backlinks that create successful search marketing campaigns for your competitors. Regarding backlinks, this feature helps you identify relevant websites that may link to you.

In simpler words, SpyFu does a deep analysis of Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) to provide you with valuable insights into what top-ranked websites are doing.

How Much Does SpyFu Cost?

SpyFu has three pricing plans

  • Basic- $39 per month or $396 per year ($33 monthly)
  • Professional- $78 per month or $686 per year ($58 monthly)
  • Team- $299 per month or $2,388 per year ($199 monthly)
  1. Answer The Public

You need to create content that potential customers will really want to read to avoid having high bounce rates (remember bounce rates?) that can affect your website’s ranking.

Answer the public works to give you instant, raw search insights direct from the minds of your customers by pulling autocomplete data from search engines to help you create great content that people (your customers) have interest in reading and are searching for.

Using Answer the public is as easy as entering a keyword in its search bar, and you discover keywords, keyword phrases, and even ideas for content related to that keyword people are searching for at the moment in your niche.

It basically boosts your website’s ranking by helping you to:

  • Make informed decisions as regards content creation
  • Monitor the trends related to your business in real-time
  • Understand your customers better, as it provides you with the actual questions and queries they (your target audience) have in their heads when they go searching for information using search engines.


  • Free Plan- limited daily searches
  • Monthly Plan- $199 per month
  • Annual Plan- $948 per year ($79 monthly)
  1.  Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is another super-fast website crawler that improves your on-site SEO by performing a comprehensive technical audit your website finding and offering to fix issues related to your site’s links, tags, and page structure.

Screaming Frog’s web crawler helps you visualize your website the way search engines see it, all you just need do is enter your website’s URL on it and you will get to see the core SEO elements of your website in quick time.

By using Screaming Frog, you will be able to

Integrate other SEO Tools- tools like Google Search Console and Google Analytics sync well with Screaming Frog to give you the advantage of getting valuable data for your SEO strategies.

With Screaming Frog you also get to…

Discover Duplicate and Missing Content– Screaming Frogs helps you spot any duplicate and missing elements on your websites, from duplicate contents, to duplicate page titles, duplicate Meta tags, to missing title tags, to URLs, etc. – so you can get them resolved.

It also helps you…

Analyze Meta Data and Page Title– Screaming Frog crawls your website to analyze your Meta descriptions and page titles, letting you know the appropriate length they should be and how relevant they are to your ranking.

Gather Relevant Data– you can use the crawler to gather data about headings, meta tags, SKUs, prices, and more using CSS path, Xpath or Regex (we understand these terms might come off a little bit strange to non SEO or digital marketing experts, but they are pretty resourceful in boosting your rank once you get the hang of them). 

Let’s switch to familiar grounds, Screaming Frogs also helps you…

Find Broken Links– it crawls your website to identify broken links (404 pages). It also helps with link reclamation plus it provides you information about all the internal and external links on your site.

Create XML Sitemaps– Screaming Frog comes with a “Sitemap Generator” that helps you with no sweat build XML sitemaps with pages and images.

One more thing it helps with is…

Audit Redirects– by identifying both temporary and redirects chain on your websites. 

How Much Does Screaming Frog Cost?

  • Free Plan- limited to crawling up to 500 websites
  • Paid Version- $186.27 per year (unlimited crawling with bonus benefits) 
  1.  Google Search Console

Using Google Search Console is like practically having Google walk you through boosting your website’s ranking on its search engine with a collection of service that not only provides you with valuable insight and fixes issues affecting your website but also gives you an understanding of Google’s perspective on your website and how you can improve it.

Some of the services include

Keyword Tool- that helps you track keywords and keyword phrases visitors use in reaching top-ranking websites – the total clicks, total impressions generated, and the average click-through-rate (CTR)

Link Analyzer- that monitors your site’s backlinks (Internal and External), plus it gives you the list of links Google bot (Google’s web crawler) had difficulty in crawling

Alert System- that immediately notifies you when your website is infected with malware or affected by any other issue

Yes, before we forget, with Google Search Console, you can also submit your sitemap and individual URLs for crawling. You can do a lot more with Google Search Engine to help boost your website’s ranking.

How Much Does Google Search Console Cost?

It’s Free!

  1.  Google Analytics

Definitely, Google Analytics has to be included in this list. It is one of the best analytic tools that provide you with a wide range of data that has its source directly from Google to help optimize your site for ranking.

What’s more, is that it amplifies your digital marketing effort.

Google Analytics works to let you know how visitors discover your website by giving you the actual list of keywords they input on the search engine- giving you an idea of what keywords to optimize to get more traffic on your website.

With Google Analytics, you get to see bounce rates – a data that shows the percentage of site visitors who arrive on your page or website and leave almost immediately without taking any action

The bounce rate can either be high or low. Pages with low bounce rates can be optimized to boost your traffic and conversion rate, while the pages with high bounce rates may require another copywriting to bring you a high conversion rate.

Google Analytics comes with a campaign parameter tracking that helps you identify which of your SEO campaigns generate the most conversion rates. It also helps you segment your analytic result into “Now” or “Returning Visitors”- letting you know what you’re doing right or wrong with your SEO campaigns.

Google Analytics is a wonderful tool to use to better understand your audience and with the information it provides, it gives you valid ideas on what to do to boost your site’s ranking for your target audience to easily reach you.

Tip: You can also integrate Google Search Console with Google Analytics to get even more power results

How Much Does Google Analytics Cost?

It’s Free!


Patience is a virtue when it comes to SEO, these tools would not boost your website’s ranking overnight, but the results they do produce will help you improve the quality of contents on your website and it’s ranking in quick time.

At WildFire, SEO is one of the services we provide businesses to put their websites where their target audiences can easily access, and we would also love to help your business too.

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