2 Big Things To Avoid So You Don’t Lose Your Job in 2020


I’ve seen a lot given my stint in the corporate world primarily as an ex-banker. One thing that was rampant then and probably hasn’t changed much is indiscretion by folks who feel they can do anything on the job and get away with it.
My people, I must be truthful with you, if you keep up with any of the unwholesome traits in 2020, chances are that you won’t have a detty December come 2020 year end.  ‘What are these unwholesome traits?’ I’m glad you asked so let’s dive straight in

  1. Poor Social Media Etiquette:
    See, this one will make you part of the unemployed club if you don’t do something about it.  Increasingly, Social media is becoming a huge part of our cultural fabric with its undeniable effect on the future of
    work across different industry verticals.
    More and more organizations are beginning to consider the material cost of managing their workforce. With task automation and outsourcing functions becoming more prevalent, the truth is your role is more dispensable than it has ever been. Your lose attitude online, especially if it gets your organization more flack in public domain may be the reason why you’ll lose that job you slaved 6 years to get. 
    So whenever you feel an overwhelming need to say your mind or clapback up on someone who trolled you, just remember the statistics of the roughly 40 million unemployed youths roaming the streets. Many people have lost their jobs because of their lack of etiquette on social media. Need I remind you that the internet never forgets?
    No, it never ever forgets!
  2. Integrity Handicap:
    So you’ve decided that you’ll do whatever it takes (serious emphasis on whatever) to level up in 2020. Brilliant resolution my people, but make sure that it doesn’t come at a cost integrity wise. A lot of us are living pressured lives that will no doubt contribute to our downfall (no be curse bros). 
    You need to get out of that vicious cycle of always wanting to impress. At the root of integrity issues like forgery, theft, conniving, conspiracy etc is the unbridled need to show social superiority. My dear you don’t need that now. Life na jeje. Now this doesn’t mean you should be docile or not latch unto opportunities when they arise but please always weigh the moral cost and please don’t remind me of our politicians who get away with cutting corners, some of them heard their names in the book of life of EFCC and other law enforcement agencies. You don’t want to burden your generation with such tainted image do you? For me, it’s just a lot of stress. Just de your de like we say colloquially.
    Summarily, you need to strive to build an impeccable career track that will speak volumes when you’re long done with your corporate career. It is possible to attain the very zenith of your aspirations, career wise but be rest assured that that path cannot be treaded without unrivalled discipline, self denial and unshakeable commitment.
    Countless number of folks have built stellar entrepreneurial and public sector careers on the back of superior corporate stints. You can achieve same to if you’ll omit to becoming a 7-star worker. 
    Here’s to your success in your work and greater growth in 2020.
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