10 Simple Signs To Know if You Are Addicted to Social Media


Social media has taken over our lives whether we want to admit it or not. Many people today stare more at their phone screens than at TV screens and that’s a fact. Slowly and steadily the use of other gadgets and devices is
diminishing on a daily basis. Along with this is also the addiction to social media and its content.
This goes hand in hand, both for those who create content and those who consume the content. Ask anyone who has been an avid social media user and they’ll tell you, social media keeps demanding and won’t stop, except of
you choose to stop by yourself.
Social media is not only evil as many like to suggest. Like any other tool, it is how it is used that determines the outcome or side effect, be it positive or negative. 
As humans we tend to always move into extremes so quickly, finding it difficult to locate the balance in these situations. For most people they think it’s important to be very much on social media or not be on it at all. It
doesn’t have to be so, you just need to know when you are overindulging and also when you need to take breaks. 
The question now is “are you addicted to social media?” For most people the immediate answer to this question is “No, I am not addicted.” I totally understand you because I was where you are coming from. It would be my instant answer too.
What most people don’t realize is that an addiction doesn’t need to be something that takes your entire life before you are addicted. An addiction has more to do with an urge for something you consistently can’t resist. 
Many of us actually need a break from social media, because gradually, it has started overtaking our thinking. In every situation, we are thinking of how to take this or that picture, or record this video so others can see it. We
don’t even stay long enough to enjoy the moments that should matter the most to us.
Do you know that on the average, people spend at least 3 hours on social media daily? People pick up their phones at least 80 times daily. That’s huge. The truth is there’s a higher possibility that you are addicted to social media
than not.
Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to know how addicted on social media you are. Hopefully you’ll
answer honestly:

  1. Do you frequently turn to use your phone the very minute when you wake up or get out of bed?
  2. Do you frequently find yourself checking a recent post for how many people like it, have commented?
  3. Do you find that you are doing less liking on posts that have to do with other peoples successes and celebrations, asking yourself when it will be your turn?
  4. Do you only post the very best of your life on social media, presenting perfection, either consistently working on an angle or with a filter?
  5. Do you give the excuse that you are a gentle person and introverted, with less people to talk to, as a reason for being on social media for such long hours at a stretch.
  6. Do you think you haven’t achieved much with your life, if you don’t have a particular number of followers? 
  7. Do you feel pain in your heart when you find out someone unfollowed you?
  8. Have you gotten so desperate that you’ve bought followers to boost your ‘brand’?
  9. Do you think your world is over when you have no internet access or when Twitter, Facebook or other social
    media is down.
  10. Do you snap every meal, location, situation to post on all your social media pages?
    Well if your answers to more than half of these questions are yes. Then you should look at taking a social media break. It would be good for peace of mind and your emotional health.
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