Trusting your instinct

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I learned a valuable lesson today, thanks to a beautiful writer.

Our instinct is that innate, typically fixed pattern of behaviour in us in response to certain events that occur around us. It’s this subtle voice that nudges us to either do something or not at the moment of truth.

While it’s always advisable to follow our instincts, because it’s right most of the time, there’s that one time when it’s wrong. Yes, it can be wrong. I had that experience today, my instincts had asked me to retreat as the heat had come. It created an illusion and left me there.

They always say iron sharpens iron, and these words are easily forgettable without that occasional event that triggers a reminder of what it is. If you have learned to trust your instinct completely, learn to leave out that 1 percent benefit of the doubt, because it won’t always be right.

The illusion created was really insignificant, so it was pretty much difficult to know I was facing one. Hence, the iron sharpens iron phrase, it came at just the perfect hour and the illusion broke.

So for today’s challenge, I made content for me, and everyone out there who rely completely on their instincts.

Of course you should know having an instinct you can trust is gold, learn to leave that 1 percent out so you don’t get trapped in an illusion that does more damage than good.

Thank you, pen and dreams .

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