How to introduce yourself at a job interview


Your social skills are very important when approaching a job interview, you do not want to come off as awkward but rather professional with good communication skills that makes you suited for the job. Some hiring managers may even make a decision to reject a candidate based on what they didn’t do when they met them. Imagine doing nothing and still get rejected. It’s not because the hiring manager hates you, it’s because you didn’t do something that you were supposed to do. For instance, if you tend to check your phone frequently, you might want to curb such habit before a job interview. The hiring manager may perceive your behavior as an inability to make a commitment and follow through – not qualities that will endear you to a prospective employer. 

First impressions play a major role in how an employer perceives you as a candidate. How you introduce yourself goes a long way to influence this first impression. What’s the best way to introduce yourself at a job interview and how can you start off an interview making the best possible impression? These simple steps on how to introduce yourself, with examples of what to do and what to say to everyone you meet during the hiring process will help you make a positive impression. 

  1. What do you say when you arrive at the venue?: Employers often go full circle when they are looking to employ a candidate. It means that they would ask receptionists their perception of you. The first thing you’ll need to do is be prepared to make a quick introduction to the person who greets you. When you arrive at the interview site introduce yourself to the receptionist by stating your name and the reason for your visit. For example:

“My name is  Afe Babalola, and I have an interview scheduled with Ronke Bamidele at 2 pm.” or “I’m Emeka Ugochukwu, and I have an appointment with Bello Yusuf at 10 am.”

Be courteous and respectful to this first contact at the company, If you act rudely or dismissively, you could put yourself out of the running for the job before you even meet with the hiring manager

  1. What do you say when you meet the hiring manager?: After waiting a few minutes, you might be escorted into the interview room or the hiring manager will come out to meet you in the reception area. It is important that you introduce yourself even though you have an appointment so the interviewer knows who you are. Stand up if you’re seated, and offer to shake hands, even if the interviewer doesn’t offer their hand first. It’s proper etiquette to include a handshake as part of your introduction. Tell the interviewer that it is a pleasure to meet them, smile, and be sure to make eye contact. For example:

“I’m Tolulope Williams, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Quick tip for avoiding sweaty palms, stop in the restroom prior to the interview and wash and dry your hands. If that’s not feasible, use a tissue to dry off your hands ahead of time.

  1. Keep your introduction short and concise: You’ll get the opportunity to introduce yourself very well during the interview. Most hiring managers will often begin with the million-dollar question 

“Tell me about yourself”. 

The core of your response should focus on the key elements in your background which will enable you to excel in the job for which you are interviewing

Regardless of the job you are applying for, you will be expected to act professionally throughout every phase of the interview process from greeting the interviewer to saying thank you after your interview. Also make sure you know what to say, what to bring with you, and how to answer and ask questions politely and professionally, and you’ll make the best possible impression.

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