3 Unbeatable Ways To Position Your Offers To Get Your Prospects To Say “Great, How DO I Pay?”


My Brother (Bishop) and I finally came to a conclusion

The only sound more exciting than a credit alert is…

(Wait for it…)

Another credit alert!

The point when someone says “Great, where do I pay?”

Creates this feeling of “YES”!

Regardless of whether you have $1 or $1m

Unless maybe you have multiple millions, or billions, and your health is in jeopardy or something like that…

If not, getting the money flowing gets our juices flowing, and gets a lot of us going, even though it’s not the reason we do what we do.


Your ability to get multiple credit alerts is predicated on your ability to put the right offers in front of the right prospects.

Nothing comes close.

Screw up your market or your offers, and you’d remain the best kept secret in the world…

Great Value, little rewards – not a sustainable plan!

Your market may really want what you offer, but they’re inundated with a barrage of offers.

What your offer is made up of and how you position it is often the differentiating factor.

First you need a Compelling, Lucrative Offer (CLO)

Next, you need to position it correctly.

Here are 3 ways I’ve successfully done it in the past and even right now

1. Position your Offer as “THE” Solution to their TOP OF MIND CONCERNS

As an example, let’s say you help people publish their books

There are different reasons someone chooses to publish a book – Legacy, Credibility, Tripwire/front-end marketing, etc.

And let’s say the specific problem your book publishing solves for them is the problem of CREDIBILITY

While that is great, the question to figure out is what is their TOP OF MIND CONCERN?

In their minds they’re not thinking “If only I can be credible enough”

No. They’re thinking “why am I not the one being called to speak or consult?”


“Why do prospects who come to me haggle ideas and prices with me, why don’t they just listen and follow my advice?”

“Why is my business not attracting the kind of quality clients that Zubi is getting?”

These are examples of their top of mind concerns.

Your Offer must lead with their top of mind concerns.

Here’s a layman’s way to do it…

“Dear X, the reason you are getting those flaky clients, repelling the quality ones, and not been invited to the big events in your industry is simply this…

You don’t have the credibility of a true expert. You don’t have a book on the subject matter that reveals your special insights and ideas.

The way to do this is by publishing your own book, and we have a way that have worked for the last 27 people that followed this process… it is called Publishmania

It is a unique way that does XYZ….

We can help you implement XYZ, and this is exactly how we will do it for you…”

Then you go into your CLO (Compelling, Lucrative Offer)

Of course, the process of communication will be a whole lot better than this… but this is just to demonstrate the pattern to you

While your solution is to help them get published, to them; it’s to attract quality clients and get invited to the big events.

You must position your offer as solving that Top of Mind Concern.

2. Position your CLO as the logical next step to get to their ideal outcome

Have you ever been to the doctor because you were experiencing symptoms that you didn’t know the cause?

When the doctor asked you some questions, or maybe ran a test, and finally told you the real cause of the symptoms, what did you do?

You asked “What do we do doctor?”

“How much will it cost?”

Most times, most doctors will have a solution, or at least a recommendation.

And in most cases, you’d do everything to follow the doctor’s recommendation… Including paying

whatever it costs



If your Offer is not a logical next step for your prospects, you’re asking them to decide against their best interest…

And 2 types of people decide against their best interest – Morons and Revolutionaries (Like a Nelson Mandela – and even this is arguable)


If what you’re presenting to your market is not the next best step to take, you’re typically asking them to behave like morons.

Most times they won’t do that

(Sometimes, we all behave like morons, so )

You must present your offer as a logical next step, and the way to do that is…

Back to the publishing example…

“The reason you’re not getting quality clients is that you don’t have the credibility to attract them…

You don’t have the credibility to attract them because you are not an Authority in your field…

The fastest thing that confers authority on anyone is by being a published author with a bestselling book…

The fastest way to write and publish your book is using our Talk and Get Published System…

Here’s how it works: you talk for a few hours, and we do the rest…

Here’s what and what you get….

Here’s what you can expect…

Here’s the outcome you will have…”

Do you see how everything leads to the next step up to the offer?

It’s like a relay race, each part and message in your sales process passes the baton to the other.

If your offer is not great or is not the logical next step, it is the equivalent of the first 3 runners in a relay race running well…

…But ends up passing the baton to the opponent to run the last leg.

This is what a lot of people do, educate the market, and pass the prospect over to the competition due to a weak or incongruent offer.

3. Position your offer as an opportunity they’ve never tried before

Your prospects have been battered one too many times

So if it looks like a duck, moves like a duck, quacks like a duck… somebody please keep that damn duck away from me.

That’s how your market process their experiences

If everyone has told them the key to winning is Facebook ads

Yet they’ve tried it a couple of times… flushed their money down the drain, and brought in no revenue…

They’d shut their ears and wallets in a heartbeat when they hear or smell someone telling them to buy another “Facebook ads anything”

Saying “This is better” “This is cooler” “This works” will not do you much good


Glad you asked!

People rarely understand better.

But you can spot DIFFERENT from far away.

Do you want a better version of a thing that didn’t get you results, or do you want a different approach?


If you’re not different, you’re invisible.

That is why if what you’re offering is not significantly different, add a new mechanism that makes it “appear” different…

Or project a different approach that shows difference.

If you offer some kind of Service, Consulting or Solutions, and you don’t have and promote your own unique methodology for getting your clients to their outcome…

You’re most likely leaving a lot of money on the table

Sometimes this is as simple as identifying all the value steps you take them through to get to their outcome…

Giving each step a unique name, and giving the entire process a unique name

…And, Voila!

Remember, we start with the offer. It decides everything.

It must be COMPELLING for your prospects, so that when they look at it, it is a no-brainer – a logical next step.

And it must be LUCRATIVE for you, to ensure that you not only get rewarded for the service that you provide

But also be able to continue investing handsomely in acquiring new clients.

To Increased Impact and Wealth!

— Zubi O’Peters

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