3 signs your job interview went well.


Ever wondered to yourself how you think you did on interview. “Did I say the right things?” “Did they like me?” “Will they call me back?”, “Should I celebrate yet?” and the host of all the questions that run through your head immediately after an interview. Talking about payment and salary compensations doesn’t always translate to you getting the job. However, with right amount of attention to  subtle details in the course of your interview, you can know how well your interview went. 

Three signs your interview went well

  1. You are given specific details about the job responsibilities: When your interviewer starts to get into details about the specifics of the job and the daily responsibilities of the individual in that role, It’s a good sign. It suggests that the interviewer feels confident in your capabilities. Positive responses such as “that’s exactly right” or “that’s what we are looking for” are also good signs that your interview went well. 
  2. You get an invitation to a second interview: This is a straight tell that your first interview went well. The interviewer found you interesting enough to call you in again. This is however no indicator that you got the job in the bag. Be sure that other candidates were also invited for the second round. Prepare again, take pointers from your first interview and ace the next one. 
  3. Your interviewer sells you the job: When an interviewer spends time talking to you about the highlights of the position or how juicy the role is, or how he or she loves working in the company, chances are they have intentions of considering you for the position. Bonus points if you get asked when you can resume to work if you are hired for the role. 

So next time you go for an interview, consider these signs that will indicate whether you did well on the interview. If the interview didn’t go well, it could be a sign that it wasn’t the right job for you. consider it a learning experience and practice for the next time around. 

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